Our property management systems help landlords and managers increase efficiency, improve collections and enhance the quality of service provided to the tenant. Elite Property Manager makes your property management job easier with powerful features in an easy-to-use format. Our online property management software is designed for all types of management portfolios including multi-unit industrial, commercial, residential, office, shopping center, condominium, and others. See below a quick list of the key features.

Key Features of our advanced online property management software

These modules will, without question, save you considerable time, effort and money as well as dramatically reduce the potential for data entry errors.

Dashboard of Elite Property Manager


The Dashboard screen provides a quick business overview including reminder notes, rent arrears, expiring leases, a vacant property list and pending rent reviews.

Property manager system document manager

Document Manager

  • Assign documents to specific users
  • Users can upload/download documents
  • Assign a department/category to each file
  • Manage totally the documents by categories
  • Give access to documents transferred only to desired users
  • Assign the categories of documents to a specific user
  • Assistant to transfer document
  • The document Manager is a versatile module. Use it to give access to any type of information (reports, letters, notices, etc.). Simply create a document, upload it to the server and grant access to it
Property management software with integrated messaging

Integrated messaging

  • Co-owner Manager/Administrators can send emails to one or several users at the same time
  • Receiving notices
  • Users (tenants and/or co-owners) can send messages between them. The user must agree to receive messages from other users.
  • Manage and create message templates
  • Use the wizard to find users quickly and easily
  • Sent messages - Active
  • Sent messages – Archived
  • List of all messages (sent and received)
  • Receiving messages
  • Letter templates
Income property manager module

Income property manager

  • Properties List
  • Add / remove properties quickly and easily
  • Detailed info on each property
  • List of the apartments of the property
  • Export the list of the apartments
  • Detailed info on the apartments
  • List of the owners of the property
  • Export the list of the owners
  • List of the building's amenities
  • Export the list of the building's amenities
  • List of the common areas of the building
  • Export the list of the common areas of the building

Unit and Tenant Management Features

rental management software

Apartment/Lease/Rental management

  • List of properties
  • List of owners
  • List of tenants
  • List of apartments
  • List of the common areas of the income property
  • List of the equipments of the income property
  • Search by date of end of the lease
  • Search for expired leases
  • Search apartments not occupied
  • Search apartments non-reserved
Manage condominium application

Manage Condo Corporation

  • List of the condo corporations
  • Add / Remove condo corporation quickly and easily
  • Detailed info on the condominium
  • List of condos
  • List of HOA fees/ condo fees
  • Export list of co-owners
  • List of the condo's apartments
  • Export list of the condo's apartments
  • List of the amenities of the condominium
  • List of the common areas of the condominium
  • Export the list of the common areas of the condominium
  • Management summary table
  • Export the management summary table
Pre-loaded legal notices for property and landlords managers

Legal Notices:

  • Pre-loaded standard notices
  • User defined notices
Finance module


  • Create invoice
  • Manage Invoice
  • List of invoices
  • Search invoices
  • Manage recurring invoices (rent, HOA fees/ condo fees, etc.)
  • Multiple recurring charges

Tickets, Vendors, Maintenance and Inspection

Manage the amenities to inspect with our application

Manage the amenities to Inspect

  • Add and remove equipment
  • Search by date to inspect
  • Search by equipment that requires an inspection
  • Manage equipment by income property
  • Manage equipment by condominium
Manage requests with our property management web application

Manage Tickets (Work Requests)

  • Built-in tool to create and track tickets. Each ticket can be linked directly to a tenant, a manager, unit, or a property.
  • List of all the tickets
  • Add / remove requests quickly and easily
  • Detailed info on the request (general information, status of the request, details of the request, follow-up actions and expenses and documents attached)
  • Management of assigned requests
  • Manage unassigned requests
Cut management cost with our online landlord property manager application

Paperless Office / Lower operating costs

  • External document attachments
  • Multiple comments per item
  • Reduce incoming calls
  • Minimize mailing and printing costs

Security Features

Managing users with Elite Property Manager

Managing users

  • Internal
  • Tenant
  • Co-owner
  • Owner
  • Condominium Administrator
  • Creating simplified profile
Secured management property software


  • Separate login for each user (Tenant, owner, property managers)
  • Custom security per user
  • Restrict access to specific functions
  • Restrict access to specific properties
  • Ability to turn on-off each user

Tool, Equipment Tracking & Settings

Automation Tasks

Automation Tasks

  • Elite Property Manager takes the guesswork out of a variety of common automation tasks (send email for lease renewal, invoices, HOA fees/condo fees and other)
  • Generate invoices / receipts for rents
  • Generate invoices for HOA fees/condo fees
  • Generate recurring invoices
Property Manager platform tools


  • Global Search tool works like a search engine and looks at every aspect of the database to find information
  • Support tool for the administrators of your property management
  • company (automatic connection to a user account)
  • Tool classification and grouping
  • Calendar
  • Automatic updates

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Why Elite Property Manager?

Everything you need in one application to manage your income buildings and condominiums:

Elite Property Manager is a platform fully supported and hosted by the Management-Ware Solutions team. Our application is an easy and simple to use web application.

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